Hello world!

Hi, I started this blog as a technological uplift to my visual diary I maintained during my photographic studies during the late 1980’s.

Since that time, photography took a back seat to family, career and other pursuits.  My friend, Daniel, has stirred up the passion that I once had, but had forgotten.

I started my art career in high school.  I was fortunate enough to have been given an artistic gift.  A gift that saw me gain highest marks in the south eastern secondary school region in Melbourne during my HSC and exhibiting at Caulfield with other students.  I subsequently enrolled in a Diploma of Fine Art (Commercial Photography) at Australian College of Photography Art and Communication.

The economy at that time was pretty dodgy.  I took the view that the course was designed to establish a small business and somewhat naive thought I didn’t have the capital to start such an endeavour or the risk appetite.  In addition, it was costing my parents lots of money to keep me as a student.  So when my friend got me an interview with a bank, I thought what a great way to earn some money over the summer break.  Well after 25 years, I’m still pursuing that career…

Having (literally) dusted off my visual diary and over the past few weeks discussed the prospects of once again pursuing my original interest (thanks to Daniel) am excited at the prospect of expressing myself visually once again.

So I have started this blog to post inspirations and to plot my journey.  Watch this space…